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Trine 2 Official website released!

November 27th, 2011 Comments off

The site is now online, not unlike the game’s amazing 3-player co-op!

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — ATLUS and Frozenbyte, the respective publisher and
developer of the upcoming Trine 2, a high fantasy, physics-based action-platformer with
cooperative online multiplayer, launched the official website for the game, complete
with a host of new assets and information for the highly anticipated sequel to one of the
most acclaimed downloadable games of the generation.

The official website offers a sampling of the fantastical monsters and many lush and exotic
environments in the game, which is slated to release on PlayStationNetwork for PlayStation3
computer entertainment system, Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment
system from Microsoft, and PC later this year. In addition to beautiful art work and new details
surrounding the game, a set of 18 gorgeous new screenshots show a fantasy world rendered with
unprecedented vibrancy, richness, and depth.

Trine 2 is currently scheduled for release this December for PlayStation3 computer entertainment
system, Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft,
and PC. To visit the full site, visit

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November 24th, 2011 Comments off

My wife is a HUGE fan of NASCAR, and Jeff Gordon specifically.  When she found out Activision is releasing a new game, she wanted to know all about it!

Activision’s NASCAR Unleashed Breaks Free From the Oval and Hits the Streets Today

Arcade Racing Action for NASCAR Fans of All Ages

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Get ready to experience blindingly fast arcade speed and over-the-top racing action as Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.  (Nasdaq: ATVI), expands on the success of the NASCAR videogame franchise with NASCAR Unleashed. Now available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, the Wii from Nintendo and Nintendo 3DS, NASCAR Unleashed  has players breaking out of the oval tracks and onto the uneven pavement of city streets, idyllic countryside roads, pristine beachfront highways and more!

NASCAR Unleashed features 15 of NASCAR’s biggest names, including NASCAR Sprint Cup series drivers Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Joey Logano. Players will take the wheel of growling, turbo-charged racing machines that will unleash their stock car fury on defenseless city streets. Familiar NASCAR tracks just waiting to be ripped apart include: Daytona International Speedway, Chicagoland Speedway, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Martinsville Speedwayand Talladega Superspeedway. Lifelong NASCAR fans and those new to the sport will enjoy careening around the tracks before rocketing away from the grandstands to explore the wide open world, NASCAR style.

The gameplay features forgiving handling and virtually no rules, with the key being bashing and smashing opponents out of the way to earn the trophy. Drafting and power sliding around turns will be the most useful tools in a player’s arsenal; but with loose mechanics they should be vigilant for cars flying overhead in wicked Hollywood style crashes. The wild “Rival” feature turns up the heat: players must compete not only with the other racers but with a given “Rival” who is gunning to knock them out of the lead and to the back of the pack. Distinct game modes available for play include single player championship, time trial challenges, quick races and action-packed split screen multiplayer.

NASCAR Unleashed is now available on Xbox 360, PlayStation3 system, Wii and the Nintendo 3DS for $39.99 MSP. The game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. NASCAR Unleashed will also be featured in the Battle of the NASCAR Kids event taking place the weekend of November 18 at the Sprint Cup Championship race in Homestead-Miami. For more information please visit or join us on

Remember how Goldeneye made you feel on the N64?

November 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Activision Recruits Xbox 360 And PlayStation3 System Gamers to Become the Ultimate Mi6 Agent In GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), today announced that GoldenEye 00: Reloaded is now available in retail stores nationwide, allowing Xbox360 and PlayStation3 system gamers to experience the modern re-telling of the legendary GoldenEye film for the first time ever on their HD consoles.  GoldenEye 007: Reloaded was built on a brand new engine that delivers the gritty, lethal action of Daniel Craig’s James Bond at 60 frames per second with stunning visuals, lightning fast gameplay and the ability to play using the PlayStationMove sharp shooter.

“This is the epitome of a classic reborn,” said David Oxford, Executive Vice President at Activision Publishing.  “We know that fans love the original GoldenEye film, so our team worked closely with the original screenwriter and film talent, along with the devoted developers at Eurocom, to create a modern reimagining tailor-made for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers around the world.”

Based on the original screenplay, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded introduces brand new ‘Mi6 Ops Missions‘ — new, distinct levels additional to the single-player campaign that span the varied environments from the story.  The game challenges players to complete different Assault, Elimination, Stealth and Defense objectives all showcased in HD and running at a smooth 60-frames per second.  GoldenEye 007: Reloaded takes multiplayer to new heights, maintaining and improving its renowned four-player split-screen action and adding full, adrenaline-pumping 16-player online matches with more maps, weapons, characters and game modes than ever before.

The game is brought to life with an updated story penned by the Hollywood screenwriter from the original GoldenEye film, Bruce Feirstein; the voices of Daniel Craig as James Bond and Judi Dench as ‘M’; and combat animations motion-captured by Daniel Craig’s film stunt double, Ben Cooke.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is being developed by Eurocom under license from EON Productions Ltd and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), for the PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and is rated “T” (Teen) by the ESRB.

For more information, visit or

Cabela’s releases more games!

November 22nd, 2011 Comments off

If you’re not for all the moving around and shooting wild game using the PlaystationMove or the Wii, or the Kinect, Cabela’s (where I used to sell shoes!) has also released the new 3rd-person game Shadows of Katmai.  Read the Press Release below:

Activision Releases Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Chilling adventure for survival against all odds is now available

MINNEAPOLIS — Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that its gripping 3rd-person survival adventure game Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai is now available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and Wii system from Nintendo. The new harrowing adventure comes packed with the Top Shot Elite wireless controller and puts gamers in a fight to survive the harsh Arctic environment after a horrifying accident. From the electrifying single player campaign to the multiplayer shooting galleries, this is one of the most extraordinary Cabela’s adventures yet.

“With a brand new style of gameplay, an epic tale of perseverance, and its focus on survival, Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai represents a brand new chapter in the Cabela’s franchise,” said David Oxford, Executive Vice President of Activision Publishing.

Players will answer the call of the wild as they take the role of bush pilot Logan James after he survives a horrific plane crash in the Arctic wild. Injured, isolated and in the middle of a hostile wilderness, Logan is cut off from all hope of rescue and it’s up to players to guide him to safety. In this heroic battle against deadly creatures and freezing weather, players must use all their survival skills and trek through a variety of environments as they use scavenged firearms and gear to stay alive. In addition, the game has a deep selection of shooting galleries for an endless amount of party fun.

Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai is available with the Top Shot Elite on Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 for $79.99 and Wii for $59.99. The game can be purchased separately on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $39.99 and $29.99 on Wii. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. For more information, go to and please follow on Twitter @ActivisionHunts and Facebook – at

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter in time for Holidays!

November 19th, 2011 Comments off

Activision’s Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party and Cabela’s Adventure Camp Are Available in Stores Now!

The Cabela’s Franchise Introduces Two New Motion-Based Family Games in Time for the Holidays

MINNEAPOLIS — Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) creates an exciting suite of family fun with two new motion gaming titles for the entire household as Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party and Cabela’s Adventure Camp releases in stores tomorrow.

Packaged with the first-of-its-kind Top Shot Sport controller, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party has been developed exclusively for Xbox 360 and the Kinect for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Cabela’s Adventure Camp, a stimulating title for people of all ages, is available for Kinect for Xbox 360, the PlayStationMove for the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, and Wii system from Nintendo.

“Both Cabela’s Adventure Camp and Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party give families a new way to play together on Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStationMove and Wii,” said Pat Kelly, Senior Vice President of Studios at Activision Publishing. “We’re also proud to bring the Top Shot Sport peripheral to the Kinect, as an industry leading concept, designed to help gamers fully experience and enjoy Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party.”

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party is a unique arcade-style hunting game composed of a series of shooting galleries where both the player and the Top Shot Sport are the controller. The game tracks total body movement as players shoot, dodge and duck their way through a variety of obstacles while grabbing power-ups. Gamers will also explore a variety of environments as they battle with some of the world’s most dangerous animals. The immersive gameplay also provides competitive entertainment for up to four friends in hot seat multiplayer.

Cabela’s Adventure Camp includes motion-based outdoor activities that send players straight to summer camp, regardless of the season! With Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStationMove and Wii support, players will lose themselves in summer time activities such as: Thrill Hill Biking, Wild River Kayaking, Full Throttle Wave Riding and more. Adding side-splitting high jinks to the mix, interactive griefing allows idle players to join in on the fun by knocking down trees and rocks. The brisk gameplay and fantastic variety keep everyone animated, excited and having a good time!

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party and Cabela’s Adventure Camp will be available November 1, 2011. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party is bundled with the Top Shot Sport peripheral for $69.99. Cabela’s Adventure Camp is $39.99 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and $29.99 for Wii. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party is rated T for Teen and Cabela’s Adventure Camp is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. For more information, go to and please follow on Twitter @ActivisionHunts and Facebook – at

The Cursed Crusade from Atlus

November 15th, 2011 Comments off

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA —- ATLUS announced that The Cursed Crusade, the action adventure epic set during the Fourth Crusade, is now available in stores across North America for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (PS3™), Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PC download via Steam.

A story of salvation and survival, The Cursed Crusade brings to life the mystery and allure of the Middle Ages. The game’s main characters are not heroes; they’re just men, susceptible to temptation, easily made to feel doubt and despair. The raw, gritty accuracy of many of the game’s historical locations is sharply contrasted by Denz and Esteban’s supernatural struggle to save their souls. Their affliction, the Templar’s Curse, threatens to accelerate their descent into hell, burning their humanity away as it engulfs the space around them in demonic flame. A tale of retribution and survival, The Cursed Crusade is sure to satisfy action gamers everywhere with its violence, gore, and drama.

In addition, a demo that takes players through the “Assault on the Castle of Biron” mission, a fortress siege set on a fiery summer’s eve, is currently available via Xbox®LIVE (initially only to Gold members) and PlayStation®Network.

The Cursed Crusade is out now for PlayStation 3 system, Xbox 360 system, and PC. For more, including screenshots, videos, concept art, wallpapers, and a special “Launch The Crusade” section, visit the official website at

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Call of Duty 3 Tournament

September 1st, 2011 Comments off

Want to win a million dollars?  You can’t…but you CAN win $400,000!!  Be in the Activision/Blizzard Los Angeles area this weekend for Call of Duty XP!

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the battleground for the Call of Duty $1 Million Tournament Presented by Xbox 360, set to feature a roster of top Call of Duty warriors in a colossal 32-team, single-elimination tournament for a record $1 million in cash and prizes.  Over September 2nd and 3rd, one victorious four-man crew will emerge victorious and walk away with $400,000 for first place and international acclaim as the world’s premiere Call of Duty players.  Four slots will be available onsite.  Tackle the Call of Duty: Black Ops gauntlet on September 2nd for your chance to win.  Gamers worldwide can pre-qualify for the remaining 28 slots now, but they’re pretty much all full.  All pre-qualification contests will utilize Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Successful pre-qualifiers will receive round-trip airfare to Los Angeles and hotel accommodations to compete in the main event at Call of Duty XP.  See rules governing each pre-qualification contest for details.  A legion of top Call of Duty gamers.  Thirty-two slots.  Eight money winners.  One worldwide champion squad.

Tickets to the event are $150 and valid for both days (Sept 2nd and 3rd).  Your two-day pass includes: Admission to the venue for both days, September 2nd and 3rd, from 10am to 10pm.  Live musical performances both nights by some of the world’s hottest acts (Dropkick Murphys, Kanye West, etc).  Access to the spectacular opening ceremony featuring the world premiere of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.  Hands-on time with Modern Warfare 3 months before launch and numerous opportunities to compete for cash and prizes.  The chance to battle for a slot in the $1 million Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer tournament.  Team paintball frag-fests in a life-size recreation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard level and other signature Call of Duty-inspired real-world experiences.  Access to the developers via exclusive panels and other Call of Duty intel.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition free upon release.  Attendee-exclusive Call of Duty goodie bag.

Attendees must be 18 years of age or older.  Sorry.

Check it out!

Call of Duty XP

August 30th, 2011 Comments off


Call of Duty(R) XP Gets Lucky: Celt Rockers Dropkick Murphys to Perform Live Opening Night

Boston-Based Punk Veterans Take The Stage At 8pm; All Attendees Guaranteed Admission

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 25, 2011 — Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) has tapped “green-collar” punk revelers Dropkick Murphys to perform opening night at 8pm, Sept. 2nd, at the first ever Call of Duty® XP, the destination for Call of Duty® gamers worldwide. The critically-acclaimed Dropkick Murphys–known for their complex distillation of classic punk rock, Celtic folk and American rock ‘n’ roll–will deliver a knockout live performance. The two-day Call of Duty fan event features the global premiere of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 multiplayer, a $1 Million Tournament presented by Xbox 360® and other landmark experiences including these live musical performances. Call of Duty XP will take place September 2nd and 3rd, 2011, inLos Angeles,Calif.

“With an unbeatable lineup of real-world and in-game experiences, Call of Duty XP was already poised to be an historic event for fans of the franchise,” said Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Publishing. “The addition of Dropkick Murphys just makes XP that much more memorable. Few bands fit the bill better—we’re thrilled to have them performing on opening day.”

Now in their 16th year, Dropkick Murphys have slingshot from their Irish punk roots in Quincy, Mass., to become one of the world’s best known rock acts, routinely packing houses for their phenomenal live shows. The band’s countless EPs, singles, compilations and seven studio albums—including 1997’s Do or Die, 1999’s The Gang’s All Here, 2001’s Sing Loud Sing Proud, 2003’s Blackout, 2005’s The Warrior’s Code, 2007’s The Meanest Of Times and the 2011 release Going Out In Style—have earned the septet mainstream success and the adoration of fans around the globe.

For more information about Call of Duty XP, please visit

Wipeout 2 Announcement

August 18th, 2011 Comments off


Get Ready For More Thrills, Spills, and Fun With Activision’s Wipeout 2

 SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 18, 2011 — Based on the ABChit show Wipeout and continuing the tradition of wickedly entertaining family fun, Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) and ABC Entertainment Group announced today Wipeout 2, the latest release in the hit video game franchise coming this holiday season for the Nintendo DS™, Nintendo 3DS™, Wii™ from Nintendo, Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, and PlayStation®Move for Playstation®3 computer entertainment system.

Wipeout 2 will offer updated, outrageous course designs across all platforms with obstacles and effects taken straight from the show’s summer and winter seasons.  Players must navigate around snow, ice, foam, and fan-favorite obstacles like the Sucker Punch Wall and Big Balls; which are making their triumphant returns alongside more than 50 others.  Extended gameplay on all systems encourages even more interaction and participation with family and friends.  Once again, all the wild and crazy action is narrated by the show’s hostsJohn Anderson andJohn Henson.

“I’m excited that the video game series is evolving just like our show,” saidMatt Kunitz, Wipeout’s Creator and Executive Producer. “Players will experience all the fun of the new winter and summer courses without being sore in the morning!”

Particular attention is being paid to making every platform experience unique with ramped up excitement that engages gamers like never before.  Freshly revised controls makes for intuitive and easy to use motion-based gameplay for Wii owners.  The PlayStation Move and Kinect for Xbox 360 titles will offer gamers the ability to taunt and toss paintballs and snowballs at family and friends while they run the course.  Handheld gaming will finally become a communal experience with pass and play ‘Hot Seat’ participation for up to 4 players with Nintendo 3DS players also seeing their graphics taken to a whole new dimension.  No matter how players choose to enjoy, the crazy and hilarious fun is taken to wild new heights with Wipeout 2!

“Working with ABCon the Wipeout titles has been a tremendous success,” said Nicole Armstrong, Activision Publishing. “Their integration of the game series into the show has been outstanding and their contributions to the game make it truly appealing for fans. We look forward to bringing more great Wipeout experiences to families.”

Wipeout 2 on Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PlayStation Move and Kinect for Xbox 360 will be available this holiday season. The Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS versions have been rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. The Wii, PlayStation Move and Kinect for Xbox 360 versions have been rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and older by the ESRB. For more information, please visit

Watch Wipeout Thursdays at 8/7c onABC

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

August 12th, 2011 Comments off

Here’s another report from the front lines, by your local war correspondent Benjamin Sloboda.  I was recently shown a letter from a marine featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Private Marlowe:

 “Hey, I’m Preston Marlowe.  I’ve been with the Marines for several years now, and I have to say I love it.  I get to go to all sorts of interesting locales, from the frozen tundra, to the middle of the desert.  It’s never a dull moment with my squad, Bad Company.  We’re sort of the misfits if you will, but we all have our own talents.

Me?  I’m a shooter; a marksman if you will.  I point my gun at the enemy, and with a simple click of my trigger finger, they’re deleted.  We have Terrence Sweetwater, our communications specialist.  He spent a couple years at MIT getting his kicks with computers, but the Marines snapped him up, put an LMG in his hands, and sent him to us.  He’s a rich kid caught in a war he neither cares about or is interested in, but he’s family.  We also have an explosives expert fromTexasnamed George Gordon Haggard Junior, which is an apt description of his personality and appearance.  Hags just likes to bust everyone’s balls, but he knows what he’s about.  Then there’s Sarge, or Sergeant Samuel D. Redford, with his sultry “Midnight Man” composure. Sarge only has a few days until retirement, and he’s planning on fishing every river and lake in the United States.

 Our Squad was just reassigned to the Special Activities Division.  It’s unclear what General Braidwood wants us to do, but our first assignment is to find Major James Aguire somewhere in South America.  I’m not allowed to share details at the moment, but our pilot, Flynn, seems to be a little short on brain cells and I’m not super-excited to be getting in his whirly bird. 

 Well, my flight’s about to leave, so I hope to see you on the other side!


Bad Company”


Isn’t that a wonderful sentiment?  I have a first-person account of how the representation of Private Marlowe’s exploits on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have turned out.  The gameplay is good.  The controls can sometimes be a little tricky when getting shot at from everywhere, but the realism…it’s war, baby.  The hard part is not knowing who’s shooting at you and from where.  The HUD indicates possible directions, but sometimes, it’s a shard from the wall behind you that’s caused you the hurt.  It’s not a complaint; this level of realism is hard to fake.  The new Frostbite Engine developed by DICE has made this level of gaming top notch.  The amount of destruction you can hand out is epic.  A machine gunner got you pinned down? Blast the floor from under him…problem solved.  Taking sniper fire, but don’t have a clear view for retaliation?  Blast a hole in the wall and create one!  This is where the hit marker direction can play you a little false.  The guy shooting at you?  Your hit detector says you’re getting shot from behind, but that’s actually from the wall behind you exploding outward from his grenade.  He’s still in front of you, but the time it takes to turn around and back again will prove fatal. 

Again, as with Modern Warfare 2, I’d have to say the US Military must have been hard-pressed to allow the type of mil-spec weaponry to leave the coding floor.  Some of the toys you get to play with are truly astounding, especially in multiplayer.  I piloted an Apache helicopter loaded with Hellfire missiles over a base inRussia, and brought a certain flair to the scorched-Earth approach.  I hijacked a jetski and snuck in behind enemy lines to provide a mobile spawn point for my team.  I drove a Bradley tank through a shallow river and ran over a few infantry in the way.  I piloted a Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout UAV via remote computer terminal, loaded with a minigun and Hellfire missiles, enough to take down a few buildings with enemies inside.  I played as a Recon sniper, a Medic loaded with LMG and defibrillator, an Assault class with assault rifles and ammo boxes, and an Engineer class able to repair any vehicle.  The unlock system is a little hard to understand when you first start playing, but much relies on the similarities to the US Military.  If you do your job, you get rewarded.  If you are loyal to your squadmates, you reap the benefits.  A medic throws out a first aid kit: another soldier uses it by standing very close, you get ten points; a squadmate uses it, you get twenty points.  The rules are simple: do your job, and you can move up faster.

The number of multiplayer games is enough to satisfy most gamers.  Rush is a game involving M-COM stations (which look like big ammo boxes with computers on them) that either need to be attacked or defended.  A defender team has to reach 75 kills of the attacker team without losing two M-COM stations. Attacking teams must destroy the M-COM stations without dying 75 times total.  Tactics play a very important part.  If you revive a fallen attacker, you increase the number of respawn tickets (because technically you added one back since the player didn’t respawn).  There are usually four rounds of M-COM stations to destroy, and once a pair has been destroyed, the 75 respawn tickets are restored and the battle starts over in a different part of the map.  Oh yeah, and the maps are HUGE!  Conquest is a capture-the-flag game where you need to gain certain areas marked by a flag, and your respawn tickets fluctuate based on how many flags you control.  The more flags you control, the more respawn tickets you gain.  The first team to zero tickets is the loser.  Squad Rush is a much smaller version of Rush, that involved only two teams of four pitted against one another, with only 20 respawn tickets for the attackers and only one M-COM station for each of two fights.  Maps are halved for this game. Onslaught is a downloadable addition which sends one squad of four to capture waypoints along the huge maps.  The squad isn’t pitted against another team of players, though…the enemies are all AI bots.  Finally, there is a Squad Deathmatch, which sends four squads of four against each other in a race to 50 kills.  The maps are still very big for the Deathmatches.  If you can get Battlefield for $20, do so.  You won’t regret it.  Even on the easiest difficulty, the entire game can take 18 hours to play through, and with the real physics of the Frostbite engine, the learning curve is pretty steep.  One of the most amazing videos I saw on YouTube was called, “Mathematics”, and involved a player using geometry and algebra to shoot down helicopters by firing missiles into the middle of nowhere while predicting the flight paths the choppers were expected to take.  DICE did a fantastic job with this one, for sure.

This is your local war correspondant, Benjamin Sloboda, signing off.

New Final Fantasy XIII 2 Screenshots

August 12th, 2011 Comments off

That looks like one helluva weapon...does it have a red dot sight?

Final Fantasy XIII 2 is slated for a January 2012 release, and here are the newest screenshots.  I know what you’re thinking…are there chocobos?  What about Moogles?


Where would I buy a toy moogle for myself?


This moogle has magic in his clock wand.

So the question about Moogles is answered.  They appear to have a few extra talents.  One of which is on the main screen (outside of fights), which allows your Moogle to search for hidden treasures.

During battle, your Moogle magician can alter the passage of time.  The screenshot below is a use of the Mog Clock, to gain a tactical advantage before battle ensues.

Moogle magic can slow time, I hope its like the effect in the Vanquish series.

You’ll hear more as we ramp up towards the release date!  It looks like another good Square Enix game, which picks up after the events in Final Fantasy XIII and utilizes many of the same battle systems and controls.  Check out for full-blown coverage.

-Ben S.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

August 11th, 2011 Comments off

Your war correspondent Ben Sloboda here for another glimpse into the world at war.  Today, I wanted to talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  It’s been out for over a year and a half now, but the online community is still alive and kicking.  Even with Black Ops out for about nine months and Modern Warfare 3 looming on the horizon, Modern Warfare 2 is worth your while.  If you’re a fan of First Person Shooters and haven’t played through this game, you’re missing out.  If you haven’t played the first Modern Warfare, you are truly missing TWO great gaming experiences.  The one-player campaign is fantastic, with very little to bog you down in terms of having to slog through long-winded storylines with multiple endings and a massive cast of characters.  There are some good plot twists, but only a handful of characters you need to keep track of, and some of the cutscenes are a little long, but keep you enthralled.  The amount of military specification, or mil-spec, weaponry and accessories is surprising.  Some of the military’s top secret stuff is just lying around for you to pick up and use.  I think piloting a few Predator UAVs armed with missiles is something the military really didn’t want to give out right away, but the realism is totally worth it.

New to the series is the Special Operations, or Spec-Ops.  You can play through most of these with one person, but the multiplayer Spec-Ops really shine.  One player pilots an AC-130, blasting the heck out of the bad guys, while trying to protect player number two wandering around on the ground.  If you can’t find any online buddies to play, you can attempt most of the Spec-Ops missions in split-screen with a couch buddy, but a big flat screen is needed to truly enjoy it.

Beyond a gripping storyline and audio track, the graphics are so vivid, you might begin worrying about the bullet holes in your couch cushions.  In fact, even the multiplayer graphics are head and shoulders above the previous Modern Warfare’s single player missions.  There are still a few of those “Where do I go?” moments that seemed to plague the series, but the gameplay itself doesn’t suffer too badly. 

Then we get into the online multiplayer, which encompasses all skill levels, from the total beginner, to an elite group of players who are pulling off 360 no-scopes.  The new multiplayer has added features as well.  If you can manage to string together a bunch of kills without dying, you are rewarded with a killstreak like sending in your own AC-130 and firing its three different types of guns via laptop.  If you’re new to FPS and the Modern Warfare series, you might benefit from the Deathstreaks.  Get killed a few times in a row without killing an enemy and you’re rewarded with extra life, or the ability to steal an enemy’s loadout (possibly accessing weapons you haven’t unlocked yet).  There are so many challenges and gun attachments to unlock, that the multiplayer is where your replay value really exists.  You also get “Perks”, like faster reloading, unlimited sprinting, and invisibility to UAV, which can all be upgraded to “Pro” versions and added bonuses.  If you like to run around and shoot at everybody, Team Deathmatch is where you belong.  If you want to try and sneak around everyone to plant a bomb on a specified target, Search and Destroy is your game of choice.  If neither of those interest you, there are more than ten different game modes in Multiplayer to try out.  You’ll definitely find one you like.

This has been another correspondence from Ben Sloboda, reporting on the world at war.  If you can pick up Modern Warfare 2 for $15 on craigslist or at a used game store, it’s a worthwhile investment in fun.

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DmC: Devil May Cry – Rant # 1

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

Hello ya’ll, this is Cattimus. This will be the first of many RANTS to come and there is a subject I want to RANT about so we can just let the negative thoughts about a certain game off our chests. I’m of course talking about Devil May Cry 5, also being called DmC: Devil May Cry being developed by team ninja theory. And I’m here to basically say as much as I can about this entry in the series.

Just to let you know, this rant is not to talk about the positives (per say), this is to rip them limb from limb Mortal Kombat style and let them HAVE IT!!

So, let’s dive in.

What is the major problem with this game? Well #1 is the Development studio’s attitude towards the fans. By this I mean their seemingly utter disrespect towards the fans. Don’t believe me? Look at all the following links:

Now yeah I know SOME of it should be taken with a grain of salt…wait! This is a RANT!! There is NO grain of salt! This is a HEAPING MOUNTAIN OF SALT!! This whole mess cannot be forgiven. Changing Dante’s appearance is one thing, and shouldn’t entirely have an impact on the games itself, but changing cannon, making it a PREQUEL to Devil May Cry 3?? Which in and of itself was the prequel to the series?!?!? That…just breaks my spirit. And then to say that they want to make the “perfect” devil may cry? I’m sorry but ninja theory has not proven that they can make a game better than (let alone AS GOOD as) Devil May Cry 3 which was a “perfect” DMC as far as most are concerned. Look at this, their first game ever which few are aware exists:

NOW, Take a look at this for instance which is the E3 2004 dmc3 “work in progress” trailer:  Versus was revealed at E3 this year for Ninja Theory’s DmC “work in progress” trailer:   Better yet, let’s compare it to the game play trailer of the original Devil May Cry back in 2001!:

Please understand I am more than aware that we all see things differently; that ultimately it comes down to opinion and personal taste. But anyone who has EYES and actually attempts to USE them can see a noticeable……difference (lag/crap/delay/waste of ram) between the trailers for DMC1 and DMC3., when compared to this new DMC reboot. The frame rates In this new game look….choppy. I mean looking at the trailer for a game made in 2001 I am able to accept how choppy it looks 10 years LATER, but this is 2011! So much lookd BAD; The flow of their game play, the slow speed of Dante firing guns at his enemies, the JANKY LOOKING ENEMIES, the lack of life to the way the church benches fall when the trailer is over, the shoddy looking minotaur dude he’s fighting! Everything looks…wrong! Ninja Theory really REALLY needs to improve how the speed of this plays before I will believe them. Which leads me  to my next point (# 2 for those keeping track): Their complete lack of understanding and foreknowledge of the game that they are working on.

I have to reiterate this as much as possible: Devil May Cry was released in stores in North America on October 17th 2001!!!! 2001!! If my math hasn’t failed me that is 10 years ago! Well here is what the producers of this upcoming failure had to say:

Please tell me you heard that…….there is a big difference when it comes to video games 12 years ago (1999) versus 10 years ago. The gap between the PS1 and PS2? I don’t even need to hold your hand for this one.

The thing about this is (leading me to point #3) is Capcom is bringing in a game producer who has the arrogance to tell us they know what is best for the fans, they “know” that what they are doing will reinvigorate the series; to breathe new life into it. I’m all fine for the optimism but for a company who has not made a “perfect” game yet, or when this happens >>

<< I no longer have the confidence in a product and the people delivering it to me (just so you know Enslaved: Odyssey To The West did so poorly they don’t list it as being a part of their developed games on their website, the proof is here:

Point #4 is this. Ninja Theory’s (and really this is more Capcom’s doing) is trying to “westernize” Devil May Cry to appeal to us “a-MUR-uh-cans” more than previous games past. My big problem with this is, Devil May Cry was IN THE FIRST PLACE designed to appeal to a western audience. It’s why Dante wears leather and talks smack. It’s why he’s modeled after the main protagonist of the Manga series “Cobra” (look that up), it’s why the double gun style was modeled after what Jon Woo does in his movies (to appeal specifically to westerners). And yet they feel it is too  “Japanesey” << first off this isn’t even a WORD! They should be kicked in the…oh wait almost lost my train of thought there. So they are basically trying to westernize a westernized game? I guess two negatives make a positive in this case??

Yeah I understand I’m being harsh but that is the point of this. If we keep allowing game companies to tell US what TO want, rather than tell THEM what WE want? If we just accept the schlock being force-fed to us? We are giving them an open door to pillaging and molesting our favorite franchises because we roll over and say “it doesn’t matter, it’s just a game”, “no need to take it too seriously”, “it’s not the end of the world”.

You know what? If I’m spending $60 PLUS on a GAME, it damn well IS the end of the world!!