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School of Interactive Design

November 30th, 2015 Comments off

I don’t plug stuff all the time, but I like the folks at the School of Interactive Design.  If you use the code PACMAN, you can get in there for free for a week.  Spend each day and night watching videos ranging from video game design to 3D artwork.  I think there’s even a Photoshop class in there and digital painting.  If you want to start building video games or 3D assets, you can’t go wrong with a video series.  The videos they make are easy to follow and understand, and go over many of the basics that others may ignore.  However, they aren’t slow.  You can blow through the whole 2D game design class (all 5 sections) in a matter of hours.  If you sat down on a Saturday, you could have your first 2D game by late afternoon.  I recommend them for both beginners and experienced users alike as well as both Mac or Windows users.  Every once in a while Groupon will sell a year’s worth of time for $99 (a savings of $1089!), so that’s totally worth it if you can find it.


Love, Ben.