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February 18th, 2016 Comments off

I have played more Steam games.

Game #5: Stacking


A cute game where you are the smallest doll, Charlie Blackmore, inside a set of very poor Russian nesting dolls (the Blackmore family).  They are kidnapped and you set out to rescue them.  The gameplay is solid, and you can ‘collect’ other nesting dolls which all have special powers.  It’s more like possessing them, as you somehow open them and jump inside, thus controlling them.  One of the first dolls you collect can sip tea.  That’s pretty cool, but largely useless.  Other dolls can move people out of the way by farting or pushing them around.  I only played about twenty minutes or so of the game, but the graphics are really great, and it’s a fun idea for a game.  Double Fine has produced some really great games over the years, and the quality of their product is abundant in Stacking.

Game #6: DuckTales Remastered

I remember when they first started talking about this game.  I played the original NES DuckTales basically as a second job when I was younger.  My first job was Elementary School, but I could beat DuckTales in an hour or so.  I had such amazing reflexes and planning, I bet I could have put together a pretty good speedrun.  However, DuckTales Remastered has very little in common with its predecessor.  The controls are the same: you can pogo bounce with Scrooge MacDuck’s cane and golf swing, but the response time seems slower (which may be my age catching up with me), and the levels are slightly different (and more difficult).  In my ‘hour’ with DuckTales Remastered, I struggled through three levels.  The first level pits you against the nefarious Beagle Boys as they rob Scrooge’s illustrious vault.  This was not in the original NES version and was honestly kinda hard.  Then you can pick the next level, so I attempted the Amazon rainforest.  It was much harder than I remember.  However, I made it through.  Next, I tried Transylvania, and it was WAY harder.  I got turned around a few times, and eventually made it to the boss (Magica De Spell), who killed me rather quickly.  This was one of those slight differences: the bosses do not follow the same pattern they did in the original and they’ve developed new skills and powers.  This explains why I only made it through three levels in the time I played (which was more than an hour).  It was still a great game, and the improvements to the graphics are substantial and enjoyable.

Other things:

Bungie has reported that Destiny players who competed in 7 matches of Crimson Doubles will get their light level 320 candy ghost shell by February 23rd.  I think they have to go through some of the gameplay and verify if teams were just suicide runners or actually playing.  As an added bonus, I received an exotic Hawkmoon for no reason in my Destiny mail.  I thought it was super weird because I had literally mentioned it to one of my friends the other day that I hadn’t gotten one yet.  I think the Bungie teams are actually listening in on our chats!  Well, probably not.