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Portable Support!

July 6th, 2011 1 comment

iONvideogames supports popular portable devices, especially ones with touch input. The following User Agents are supported:

Android, CUPCAKE, Googlebot-Mobile, Nintendo 3DS, bada, blackberry 9800, blackberry9500, blackberry9520, blackberry9530, blackberry9550, dream, iPhone, iPod, incognito, s8000, webOS, webmate.

Some functionality may be reduced or missing to ensure quick load times, so an option to change to the normal version of the site is included at the bottom of every page.

If your portable device is not listed, leave a comment with it’s User Agent, and we’ll add it!

This is only a test!

June 29th, 2011 1 comment

To make sure everything has been ironed out, I’m making this test post >^_^<

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June 21st, 2011 Comments off

We’re hard at work getting iONvideogames back up and running! Many staff positions will be available. If you’re interested in writing for a video game website with the only motivation being possible free games, playing early betas/preview copies, attending E3 2012, and getting your name out there, then please register!

We want being a staff member of iONvideogames to be fun so, unless you’re writing a preview, review, an interview, or a developer/publisher requires it, there won’t be any crazy deadlines or forced writing assignments to stay a staff member.

Positions available with primary responsibility listed (each level can do everything the one above it can do):

  • News aggregator – Scour the web for video game news, post press releases.
  • Contributor – Write about anything video game related, submit to an editor for approval.
  • Author – Choose from a list of articles selected by the EIC or Director.
  • Editor – Ensure content is accurate.
  • Senior Editor – Select staff for assignments.

All positions report to the EIC or Director of the site. Availability of games and attending E3 will be based on: the amount and quality of content submitted, and seniority;  with final determination by the EIC and Director.


Carl A. Rhoades, Director

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