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Screw UPS!

November 19th, 2011
  • Sumo

Battlefield 3, where are you!?  I pre-ordered Battlefield 3 several months ago.  I mean, like six months ago.  UPS tracking says it was sent to me at 10/24/2011 21:40:00 ORIGIN SCAN[I] BALDWIN PARK, CA, US…it was sent to me HOURS before anyone else!!  Yet UPS is just holding onto my game!!  Those bastards in Commerce City, CO have held it since they received it 10/25/2011 01:32:00  ARRIVED IN[I]  COMMERCE CITY, CO, US.  It took five hours to fly from Cali to Colo, but that was two days ago now!  Give me my game, UPS!  Are you playing the game!?  It’s going to be open when I get it, isn’t it!?  OPEN!?  I have to say this: next time I pre-order a game, it’s going to be in town, and I’m going to pick it up at midnight!

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