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October 27th, 2015
  • Sumo

If you haven’t seen it already, Destiny is doing a new event to celebrate Halloween.  The event is called the Festival of the Lost and will be available only from October 26th, 2015 to November 9th, 2015.  You can go to the Tower and start the mini-quest to collect masks and candy.  You get to trick-or-treat around the tower, and the interactions are pretty funny.  Everyone is wearing a mask.  The important things to know: if you get a Legendary (purple) mask, you will be able to keep it after the event.  If you get a Rare (blue) mask, you must upgrade it using paper pieces and glue (yes, really…these masks already look like they’re made of paper and glue, so it’s pretty fitting) to get it to Legendary status.  Paper and glue is available as a possible reward in the Treasures of the Lost for purchase from the Eververse Trading Company in 1, 3, or 6 stacks.  You will also get at least one paper/glue from the first bag of candy you get from Eva Levante.  If you need more and you have duplicate masks, you can dismantle them for paper and glue.  You will also get one guaranteed Legendary mask you get to keep after the event no matter what.  Sadly, mine was pretty lame and I’ve already thought about dismantling it.  If you want to see your mask in the Tower, make sure to go to your Settings menu and check the little box for “Always on” under the Helmet tab.  The important part of the mini-quest is to always have an empty bag for collecting candy (Empty Candy Satchel from Eva).  You get candy from opening chests, killing baddies, completing public events, strikes, and PVP all while wearing a mask.  This can make the completion of these tasks harder because you’ll drop to around 200 light (which is apparently how levels are measured now or something).  When your empty candy satchel is full, bring it back to Eva to trade for more masks and additional items.  You can get consumable candy items (like Fruit Motes, which generate Glimmer for killing Fallen).  Bonus: you can buy a new emote only available during the event that has you dancing like Michael Jackson in Thriller.  It’s called the Zombie Dance and is only available on Xbone and PS4 (not 360 or PS3).  Is it worth the extra real-world cash to buy it?  Probably.  So far my favorite mask is Xur, but I got Atheon, the Speaker, Eris, Petra, and the Warden.  I plan on keeping Xur and Eris.

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