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Star Wars Battlefront Beta

October 12th, 2015
  • Sumo

Yes.  I played the beta.  In fact, I played the hell out of the beta.  I logged approximately 20 hours on the beta in the last three days across three different consoles.  I played on PC and two different PS4’s (one mine and one not mine).  Some of you may know that I frequent a cigar lounge.  Last year, I bought them a PS4 and we’ve seen some awesome stuff on there.  We had the beta for Rainbow Six:Siege, which was not something I was excited about, but that’s just me, I’m sure.  However, you tag ‘Star Wars’ on something and I’m there.  Anyway, I ranked up to level 5 at the lounge in about an hour and twenty minutes.  That’s the extent of the beta: lvl 5.  That being said, I had a great time getting there.  I sniped Luke Skywalker in the face while a bunch of cigar-smoking bros watched.  Most of them were disappointed that I was the Empire and I had murdered Luke Skywalker, but I think everyone was impressed.  The gameplay was pretty good, but I had a ton of problems starting out.  You have special skills you must unlock like the ability to throw a thermal detonator, or carrying a sniper rifle with a 1 shot every 7 seconds cooldown.  Once you get used to that (and playing the single player actually helped out a lot), there are also issues with the vehicles.  The first time I jumped in an X-Wing, my ship crashed straight into the ground.  After changing the controls so flight was inverted (which is actually how 99% of flight simulators are set, so I was pissed), I crashed into the ground again.  This was a constant: if you are near the ground, you will clip into it and die.  So, I had to fly high above the troops and try to take out the enemy ships.  This was hard because the ships all move at different speeds.  The snowspeeder is as slow as a semi truck while the A-wing is a Ferarri.  The X-Wing has an average speed and the TIE fighters have above-average.  The problem is that there’s no way to slow them down.  You can speed them up, as I found out when I accidentally pushed a button and crashed my TIE fighter into the ground, but I am unsure what button it was or how to replicate it.  I don’t even know if every ship has that.  Aside from the control issues (which I diligently reported after every game), the only other thing to talk about is the graphics.  The graphics are real.  On Hoth (a frozen planet), you could actually see snowflakes sparkle on the textured ground.  As a game developer hobbyist, I have absolutely no idea how they did that.  I only experienced a few lag glitches, and thinking that forty people are playing together with that level of graphic detail (and most of them are shooting guns and/or flying ships around), I was blown away.  I did have some weird clipping issues where I would line up my sights on a guy and fire just to have the rock cover in front of me spark with my bullets, and then die from the guy I was aiming at shooting me.  There was also an issue with the vehicles crashing into the ground even though I appeared to be far away from it.  This happened on a number of occasions and I eventually gave up my piloting career.  The last problem I had with the beta was transforming into a Jedi.  I was both Luke and Darth Vader at points in my gameplay and I have to say the problem is the spawn location of these heroes.  If you are running down towards an AT-ST walker and pick up your Luke powerup, you spawn a mile back from where you were, rendering you almost useless.  Of course, if you do manage to catch up to the chicken walker, don’t cut it’s legs out from under it.  It will fall on you and kill Luke.  I did have one awesome moment where I spawned as Darth Vader and made it into the Rebel base.  I cut down a dozen guys before my time as Darth ran out.  I felt pretty good that I wasn’t killed that one time.  Overall, I am unsure I will run out and pre-order the game.  I enjoyed it, but after maxing out on three systems, I was kinda over the whole thing.  Yes, being a Jedi was cool.  Yes, getting your first headshot with the Cycle Rifle is cool.  Yes, the graphics were mind-blowing.  Heck, I shot down a TIE fighter with my Cycle Rifle, just like this guy.  But, it doesn’t seem like the game has the staying power to keep me playing for more than an hour or two.  This reminds me of the Destiny beta.  I maxed out both PS4’s again and had a great time on Earth.  When the game came out, I didn’t want to leave Earth and the game forces you to.  I knew Earth.  I knew every inch of every sector on Earth.  It ruined the game for me to leave Earth.  When I play now (though I am not purchasing the Taken King expansion), I only really want to stay on Earth and snipe dudes and collect treasure.  With Battlefront, I know every inch of Hoth (ok, maybe not every inch, but I can say I never went negative K/D), and I’m not sure I want to go back.  This can be the drawback with a beta: some people will get crazy about the game and others will certainly cross it off their list.  Does this help or hinder the game industry?  I have a game I’ve been working on and I know the second I put it in beta, people will flock in to play and then walk away with no intention of buying it.  Sad face.

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