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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

August 11th, 2011
  • Sumo

Your war correspondent Ben Sloboda here for another glimpse into the world at war.  Today, I wanted to talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  It’s been out for over a year and a half now, but the online community is still alive and kicking.  Even with Black Ops out for about nine months and Modern Warfare 3 looming on the horizon, Modern Warfare 2 is worth your while.  If you’re a fan of First Person Shooters and haven’t played through this game, you’re missing out.  If you haven’t played the first Modern Warfare, you are truly missing TWO great gaming experiences.  The one-player campaign is fantastic, with very little to bog you down in terms of having to slog through long-winded storylines with multiple endings and a massive cast of characters.  There are some good plot twists, but only a handful of characters you need to keep track of, and some of the cutscenes are a little long, but keep you enthralled.  The amount of military specification, or mil-spec, weaponry and accessories is surprising.  Some of the military’s top secret stuff is just lying around for you to pick up and use.  I think piloting a few Predator UAVs armed with missiles is something the military really didn’t want to give out right away, but the realism is totally worth it.

New to the series is the Special Operations, or Spec-Ops.  You can play through most of these with one person, but the multiplayer Spec-Ops really shine.  One player pilots an AC-130, blasting the heck out of the bad guys, while trying to protect player number two wandering around on the ground.  If you can’t find any online buddies to play, you can attempt most of the Spec-Ops missions in split-screen with a couch buddy, but a big flat screen is needed to truly enjoy it.

Beyond a gripping storyline and audio track, the graphics are so vivid, you might begin worrying about the bullet holes in your couch cushions.  In fact, even the multiplayer graphics are head and shoulders above the previous Modern Warfare’s single player missions.  There are still a few of those “Where do I go?” moments that seemed to plague the series, but the gameplay itself doesn’t suffer too badly. 

Then we get into the online multiplayer, which encompasses all skill levels, from the total beginner, to an elite group of players who are pulling off 360 no-scopes.  The new multiplayer has added features as well.  If you can manage to string together a bunch of kills without dying, you are rewarded with a killstreak like sending in your own AC-130 and firing its three different types of guns via laptop.  If you’re new to FPS and the Modern Warfare series, you might benefit from the Deathstreaks.  Get killed a few times in a row without killing an enemy and you’re rewarded with extra life, or the ability to steal an enemy’s loadout (possibly accessing weapons you haven’t unlocked yet).  There are so many challenges and gun attachments to unlock, that the multiplayer is where your replay value really exists.  You also get “Perks”, like faster reloading, unlimited sprinting, and invisibility to UAV, which can all be upgraded to “Pro” versions and added bonuses.  If you like to run around and shoot at everybody, Team Deathmatch is where you belong.  If you want to try and sneak around everyone to plant a bomb on a specified target, Search and Destroy is your game of choice.  If neither of those interest you, there are more than ten different game modes in Multiplayer to try out.  You’ll definitely find one you like.

This has been another correspondence from Ben Sloboda, reporting on the world at war.  If you can pick up Modern Warfare 2 for $15 on craigslist or at a used game store, it’s a worthwhile investment in fun.

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