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June 21st, 2011
  • Sumo

We’re hard at work getting iONvideogames back up and running! Many staff positions will be available. If you’re interested in writing for a video game website with the only motivation being possible free games, playing early betas/preview copies, attending E3 2012, and getting your name out there, then please register!

We want being a staff member of iONvideogames to be fun so, unless you’re writing a preview, review, an interview, or a developer/publisher requires it, there won’t be any crazy deadlines or forced writing assignments to stay a staff member.

Positions available with primary responsibility listed (each level can do everything the one above it can do):

  • News aggregator – Scour the web for video game news, post press releases.
  • Contributor – Write about anything video game related, submit to an editor for approval.
  • Author – Choose from a list of articles selected by the EIC or Director.
  • Editor – Ensure content is accurate.
  • Senior Editor – Select staff for assignments.

All positions report to the EIC or Director of the site. Availability of games and attending E3 will be based on: the amount and quality of content submitted, and seniority;  with final determination by the EIC and Director.


Carl A. Rhoades, Director

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