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March 28th, 2016
  • Sumo

Update: I haven’t played any new games.


Seriously, I went back to check on The Witcher 3, and I can’t stop playing it.  I’m on a mad quest to get platinum on PS4, and that requires me to win all the gwent cards.  I don’t know what else it will entail, but I know I must get all the gwent cards, and I had to cheat to get enough money to allow for that.  All the sites I checked had notes like “I had a bajillion dollars when I finished the game”.  That’s great.  I didn’t finish the game and I’m just barely going through it, so cut me some slack.  I cheated my way to 20k gold and I’ve already spent half of that on cards.  I hope 10k is enough to get the rest.  Also, I found an interesting twist within the game.  Instead of playing through as a ‘hero’ or a ‘villain’, I’m playing through as a ‘horny old man’, who’s only real quest is to bed some lady.  I spent like four hours trying to get Keira to sleep with me, and then I did.  What a relief.  Now I am on the new quest of getting Triss to sleep with me, as well as anyone else who happens along.

For the foreseeable future, I will just be playing The Witcher 3.  This means I haven’t purchased an Occulus Rift for $600, nor have I pre-ordered the Playstation VR thing.  I have very little time lately anyway, with a baby on the way and my own game to make, so I hope I can still post stuff up here, but I apologize to all the regular readers on my own lack of time.

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