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Battlefield Hard…line

March 23rd, 2015
  • Sumo

I got Battlefield : Hardline last Friday.  I traded in Battlefield 4 and some others with the complete intention of playing over the weekend.  I didn’t play until Saturday at my local cigar lounge hangout.  We’ve had a PS4 there for a little more than a year now, and I play a few hours there for a change of scenery and the option to smoke a cigar while I play.  I played through the first two single-player missions and realized that I didn’t want to take the game back home.  I will not play this game on my own.  I will not sit and grind through without a team of people watching me and cheering me on.  It is a true spectator game.


Once I started the multiplayer, it was like I had never played video games before.  I played for an hour and had one single match (out of approximately ten) where my K/D ratio was positive.  K/D is a ratio of Kills to Deaths, or a simple measurement of how bad you suck.  A K/D ratio of 1 is the beginning of a good player.  The first match I was at 0.8, so that means I had 8 kills and 10 deaths (8/10 = 0.8).  Something to remember about K/D is that it can be a lot easier to have a high K/D at the beginning.  Having one at the end is much harder because you’ve had dozens of bad sessions.  A bad session is where you suck more than normal.  This is just like a bad hand in poker.  You start ‘steaming’, or playing stupidly even though you know you’re doing it.  I had a bad play experience, or a bad play session and I couldn’t stop.  After four or five, I was pretty much done with the game.


I will probably try again on my normal Wednesday cigar night, but I can tell you right now: I didn’t like the game…it was too hard.



OK, I tried multiplayer again.  The game has a lot of problems:
1.  At one point, I was driving a car across some train tracks and it was bouncing like I had hydraulics (even after I was over the tracks).
2.  I was also able to wall-ride my motorcycle to a second-floor balcony for no reason.
3.  At one point, I jumped in a car to drive somewhere and when I got out, I had a totally different loadout.
4.  The games are totally one-sided 95% of the time.  I played one single match that came down to the wire (we eventually lost my 30).
5.  Also, the loadouts reset every new match.  If you don’t know this, you’ll be pissed off when you try to throw your breaching charge and instead throw an ammo pack.  I haven’t found a way around this yet, but I’ll keep looking.

There are some good things:
1.  The vehicles are faster.
2.  The graphics are photo-realistic.
3.  The experience system of ‘earning cash’ and then ‘spending it’ is a complete rip-off of Uncharted, which made me smile.
4.  At one point, I threw a grenade at some incoming bad guys, and my character flipped them off and cursed at them.
5.  I threw down some medical supplies for my teammates and my character said, “Git yo f***in’ Meds right here!”

I also have some tips for those intrepid readers.  The fastest way to get money is be an engineer class (‘Mechanic’), save up for the repair tool, and then just play the Hotwire game mode.  On average, the match lasts less than 10 minutes, and if you’re constantly jumping in the captured cars and repairing them, you can make $5,000 a match.  My best was $30,000.  Try and beat that (I had a 200%) boost on, but that still means I made $10k.  The molotov cocktail animation takes FOREVER.  If you are the ‘criminals’, make sure you have time to throw it.  If you’re a cop, the incendiary grenade works just like a regular grenade (honestly, it seemed a little faster).  DON’T BUY THE HELICOPTER GUN UPGRADES!  They are only used if you manage to get in a chopper as a gunner.  The likelihood you will use them is almost zilch.  In four hours of play time, I used them in maybe four or five matches, and my $84,000 could have been spent on ANYTHING else.  Best upgrade: RPG in the trunk (Mobile Armory: Anti-Armor Perk).  I got it for the Sedan car, which means every time I get in a Sedan, the trunk has an RPG.  Seriously, this is the first upgrade you need to get.  If you are playing Hotwire and have maxed out your Mechanic (you are no longer leveling the unlocks), switch to the Enforcer and equip the breaching charges.  Wait until your team grabs a van, spawn into it, switch to the passenger seat and throw an ammo pack, then switch to the rear door position and be ready to throw and detonate!  I was in the tanker truck, and it doesn’t work as well (I kept sticking explosives to our truck).  If you place breaching charges on a car and try to ‘slam piece’ (intentionally jumping out of a vehicle and blowing it up), if someone else is in the car it won’t blow up.

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