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Buying Games in 2015

March 9th, 2015
  • Sumo

I love video games.  Almost all of them.  For serious.

How do I buy my games, you ask?  I use Green Man Gaming.
I like GMG because they often have prices cheaper on release day and constant sales.  They’re e-mail blasts can sometimes be cryptic, but often include 20% vouchers.
You can buy directly from them and redeem games within your Steam or Origin library.
There are also direct download games, for those times when you want to play without being connected to the internet.
I’m not sure why these types of games went away, but they did.

Alright, I also use a website to track Steam sales.
Steam Sales Tracker can be filtered based on what you’re looking for.
I usually sort based on % savings to see if anything I want is top of the list (like Borderlands for $2.99) and then I re-sort by Reviews % and see if any of the highest reviewed games are within my price range (usually less than $5, depending on the game).  They also track the highest discount that has been applied to each game, so you can see if it has ever been cheaper than the current sale price.
This is how I built my Steam library to 250 games, but I have to mention a friend of mine who has a library of over 800 games.  I know that he doesn’t spend money on anything else (except dollar store gloves that he cuts the fingers off to look cool), so I think he’s good.

Of course, I also use Humble Bundle.
Humble Bundle is great because you can pay the bare minimum for games.
An example is that I paid $4.12 for eight games (Don’t Starve, Dungeons of Dredmor, and some others).  Because I paid more than the average, which was $4.05, I got two additional games for free, plus the soundtracks of all ten games.

Seriously, you want to get games?  I’ve provided you with all you need to have a wonderfully time-consuming Steam library in just a few short weeks!

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