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Mobile Gaming Early 2015

February 25th, 2015
  • Sumo

So, I’m a gamer.  Most would call me a hardcore gamer.  I spend approximately 30 hours playing games a week.  I’d say about half of that is mobile gaming.  I loved being able to download a free game and just playing the heck out of it.  I have played Jetpack Joyride to a fairly high level (I’m level 368 or so):


So, I wanted to talk about what I’m currently playing, because it’s normally consistent until I beat a game, or completely lose interest.
For the sad news, here are the mobile games I’ve lost interest in recently:

Brave Frontier – I played this for four hours a day, everyday until I realized that the support team didn’t care about the players.  Stopped dead.

AdventureQuest Battle Gems – I was a founding member of the game because I’m a huge AdventureQuest fan (I was a founding member of DragonQuest), but the game fell flat

Monster Match – Another game I played for four hours a day until I found out that the support team didn’t care about the players.  I had reported bug after bug and they never fixed a single one.  Even to this day, I’m pretty sure the bugs I reported are still there.


Here is my current playlist:

Crusader’s Quest –  Love the game, and the minute I have a problem I bet I will get no support and stop playing.  Currently play three to four hours a day.

Jetpack Joyride – Yes, I still play it.  I’m on a quest to get every badge and I heard you need to hit level 1875 to do it.  Of course, that could be years away.  John Haasl was the first.

Hill Climb Racing – When I first downloaded Hill Climb Racing, I played it for six hours straight.  The game is so easy to learn and impossible to master.  I put a few hours a week in.


I normally mobile game on the train to work or back home and sometimes when watching Netflix or getting ready for bed.

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