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Kickstarter Bump

February 19th, 2015
  • Sumo

I have become a huge fan of Kickstarter in recent months.  That’s actually where I’ve spent all my time.  I was doing other things too, I guess.


So, I will use this tiny soapbox to support Kickstarter projects that I really like.


The first of these is Children of Morta.  By the time anyone reads this, the project will be fully funded, and I will be rewarded with my version of the game…which will come with special things only a handful of others will have.  Actually, I can tell you that exactly 235 other people will have the special things I will have.  That’s the beauty of Kickstarter.  You can provide loyal backers with special things (in-game items, your name in the credits, real-life items).  The game is a dungeon-crawler roguelike with memorable characters and a fun storyline.  I can’t wait to get it and play.  That is a drawback of Kickstarter, of course: the rewards sometimes take a very long time to get to you.  In fact, I have only received the rewards from two of the 18 projects I have backed.


If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a crowd-funding site that allows you to ‘back’ projects.  This means that you promise to pay a certain amount of money to the project in return for rewards.  Oftentimes, the rewards are real-life items or pre-purchase deals.  I backed a project that netted me a copper-clad refillable beer growler that stays pressurized and keeps the beer drinkable for up to six months!  I also got my name in the credits of several soon-to-be-released video games.  The most notably is probably ‘The Flame in the Flood’, or ‘Hollow Knight’.  The idea is that you promise to give the project a certain amount of money if they reach their goal.  Sometimes, the projects have very low goals so they get all the money, and sometimes projects have very lofty goals that are never reached.  If a goal isn’t reached, you don’t get charged any money, but you also don’t get any rewards.  I think it’s a fantastic system, and I can’t wait until I have something worthwhile to fund on the site.

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