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Borderlands Pre-Sequel!?

February 19th, 2015
  • Sumo

Has it been too long?  I’m sorry.  If you missed it, just be patient and it will come back around again.  First off, they released a game called ‘Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel’.  You can play as Claptrap.  Need I say more?  YOU CAN PLAY AS CLAPTRAP!  Seriously, if you haven’t already gone over to Amazon and purchased a copy, there are other things.  Ever since Borderlands 2, I have been a little gun shy (puwned).  I loved Borderlands.  I mean, almost as much as I love Nathan Drake (See previous post about my man-love for Nathan Drake).  However, after struggling with the first boss in Borderlands 2 (I mean, seriously…who has to struggle with the FIRST BOSS!?!), I found myself feeling more nostalgic for the first game.  Borderlands 2 incorporated a special ‘golden key system’ for gaining overpowered and goofy guns.  I got a shotgun that fired grenades…which were also on fire.  I also got a rocket launcher that fired a fractal-based rocket that would hit something, then split into two rockets, that each split into two more.  However, even with some of these crazy guns, I found the game to be a bit grindy.  Don’t get me wrong: I can grind.  I got a Platinum on Skyrim.  Trust me…I can grind with the best of them.  I just wanted more out of Borderlands 2.  It was too serious and too dark and a bit too hard.  I was glad when they introduced the mechro-mage and I could trick my wife into playing because she could just summon a big killer robot who would protect her, so that was pretty good.  I was pretty burned out with Borderlands 2 (which I still have never beaten, because I heard the ending sucks), and then I heard they were making a new game!  Really, I was just minding my own business one day and overheard someone say the unmistakable words, “new Borderlands game”.  That was all I needed.  I went home, Googled for two seconds, and had pre-purchased Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel.  I didn’t notice until much later that I had bought the PC version when I am a dyed-in-the-wool console gamer.  So, I spent another $60 to get the PS3 version.  What’s that?  Yeah, Gearbox (Borderlands developer) said they would not be releasing any games on the new-fangled systems.  I mean, we’re talking about the PS4 being out for almost a year and the developer saying that they are still going to release games for the old version?  That honestly makes me happy.  Not as happy as playing as Claptrap, though.  There is good news!  Gearbox has just recently announced that they will be releasing a new high-def version of Borderlands and Borderlands 2 (hopefully with all DLC included) for the PS4.  They have been unsure whether this will include the Pre-Sequel, so I have some words of wisdom to pass on to you, dear reader.  When I got the pre-sequel, I started playing as Claptrap.  I haven’t played as anyone else.  Claptrap is more fun to play than any other character in Borderlands, ever.  Get the game.  Then get your PS3 out from underneath your bed.  Play as Claptrap.  Profit.

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