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Too Many Things

February 5th, 2016
  • Sumo

OK.  This is my own fault.  I want to start updating this site every Tuesday and Thursday.  I want to emulate people like Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik.  The problem is time, brother.  I don’t have it.  I taught a Python Programming course last week (normally at the University of Denver, but this time it was at the City of Wheat Ridge Police Department).  The next day, I helped host a conference at the Commons on Champa, which is a neat startup campus.  Prior to that, I had to watch Groundhog Day on the holiday of the same name.  Also, it snowed in Colorado.  So, I could have done this, but I didn’t.  I took one day off to buy the Uncharted collection on PS4, and I got stuck at the same place I always do.  The dreaded Chapter 5 water chamber fight.  I don’t know why, but this part is 98% luck.  For some reason, I finally beat it.  I actually shot a video on my PS4.  If you don’t know about this feature, you can share a video one of two ways:  The first is double-clicking the Share button to start shooting video.  You double-click to stop.  The second is clicking the Share button once to open up the Share menu and pushing the Square button, which saves the last 15 minutes of playtime (or less if you did this process within the last 15 minutes).  I normally use the second method to record something amazing I just did.  The Uncharted video of me succeeding at the horrible Chapter 5 fight was 15 minutes of me dying over and over again, with a final 2 minute success run.  Tie that in with me ALWAYS playing Destiny EVERY NIGHT for no real reason, and I’m still doing a bunch of extra stuff, I just haven’t posted here.


I’m sorry.  I am going to begin cutting things out of my life that I don’t care for much.  A good friend of mine (who I only recently met) suggested I get my mind space wrapped around the possibilities of shelving ideas.  For example, I have a woodworking shop.  Just because I’m not using the tools in there doesn’t mean it will be dead forever when I decide to not use them.  My problem is that I hold these ideas and skills and projects so close to my heart that I can’t bear to let them go.  It is time to realize that I’m not letting things go.  I’m just putting them on a shelf to save for later.  Look to this site for two postings every week where I talk about games I’m playing (hopefully not just Destiny posts, but I can’t seem to leave that universe).  I mean, I competed in an original NES competition a few weeks ago, and the Game Jam happened, and I saw the new Star Wars.  So many things!




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  1. February 9th, 2016 at 15:13 | #1

    I know how this goes, very well.

    Destiny… 25 days spent on 1 character! I look at that, gasp, and figure I could have learned Python easily in that time! The Sparrow Racing League finally broke me from the game.

    Cities Skylines… yikes, at about 20 days there in under a year.

    Super Mario Maker… 10 days already, and that’s only been out since September.

    All the time burned watching things on Netflix. I think, “Oh, I’ll do something productive and just have it on in the background” nope, 2 hours later and I’m wondering where the time went.

    Then, there’s all the little side projects that you do around the house that eat away at time. These tend to actually be important, though ^.^

    And through all the above, working on developing a game in Unity. Open it up, and forget the world exists and before you know it, it’s 11 at night and you have to work at 7 in the morning!

    There’s definitely not enough time in the day.

  2. Benjamin Sloboda
    February 10th, 2016 at 08:14 | #2

    For serious. That Sparrow Racing League was such trash. I had one race where I went from first to last because of a clipping issue with the game. I still log in every day though and play a little. I just love the graphics and controls of the game. I can’t believe you’ve done 25 days in Destiny! I thought I had a ton with 8 days. Everything else you said is true. Isn’t it sad how we lose these controls on our own lives? I’m just glad there isn’t a way to see how many hours I’ve watched Netflix. The truth is it’s probably on 12 hours a day at my house. It’s also on at least one TV and often two at the same time!

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